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Branding Agency in Bangalore
ACD Brand Studio has worked over the years in creating and enhancing brand identity designs and packaging designs for brands and organizations. Within a brief stint, ACD strived to scale newer milestones. The hard work and perseverance have given us several awards and accolades.

Our creative designs have been published in national and international design blogs and magazines. In 2012, Anoop V Chalil's packaging design for a startup company called Padoli Foods in Bangalore has published in Package 3, a design book from Shanghai-based book publisher Chois Gallery. It was the first step in building our reputation in newer overseas markets. It is a moment of great pride when a brand is recognized by the quality of work, passion, and ethics and further acknowledged by awards and accolades. We are a small team but we work to guarantee big results. Packaging design is one of our key strengths that evolved from hours of experiments and homework. The Dieline (the world's most visited packaging design website) featured our packaging design for a dietary supplement food product brand called Iampure from a Norwegian company called Super Helse in 2013. We were one of the very few, featured in Dieline from India. In 2014, Dieline selected our packaging as one of the global best 100 packaging designs in 2013. And the same year MyFonts featured I am pure logo on their blog named '741 things MyFonts likes', under Typography inspiration and font pick from the MyFonts staff. In 2014, Iampure packaging design was published in Big Packaging Volume 2, a California based book publisher Hightone books. In 2016, Dieline featured a packaging design we worked on for an environment-friendly building materials provider based in Bangalore.

We identify the real problems and unlock them with the right thought process. Looking into detail and working closely with clients to achieve the best results. Our mission is to exceed every client’s expectations every single time and create unparalleled value for them with their target audience. When they grow, we expand.

Over the years, ACD Brand Studio, one of the Best Branding agencies in Bangalore, India, has managed to receive global recognition for its work. This is a greater responsibility on us to live up to even greater expectations. We owe our achievements and goodwill to our clients because these would not have been possible if not for them.