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Interview - Creative Gaga : March/April 2015
Anoop V Chalil : A graduate from college of fine arts, Thiruvananthapuram, is an independent brand identity specialist and design expert who is dedicated to building brands that define, inspire, support, and transform organizations. Having given form to some of India's leading brands, he has worked with leading brands, he has worked with leading strategic identity firms like Idiom Design & Consulting Ltd. as well as with the brand Union Ray + Keshavan.

CG : What are people's perceptions towards packaging? Is it something they rip off and throw away in the bin, or has packaging evolved than to simply 'pack' products?

Anoop Chalil : Packaging is a silent sales person which gives most of the information itself. for some it's only information whereas to some it's an experience or even just great art. there are many who have a keen interest in collecting perfume and beverage bottles to exhibit in their showcase.

CG : How important do you think it is when it comes to influencing people's decision to buy products and brands? Give us an example.

Anoop Chalil : As we work in the era smitten by consumerism, it's not wrong to say that people prefer products that are easy to use, store and cost effective. And packaging Is one of the key factors of choosing a product over another. But, marketing strategy and advertising also influence consumers. It's rare that people will by an unknown brand based only on packaging. Many people for that looks good, and hence people may decide to buy certain products because of good packaging for they believe if it's packed good it's high quality.

CG : According to you, what are some factors that make a good packaging? Do you feel it could be misleading sometimes?

Anoop Chalil: Simplicity, honesty, research, quality, practicality and product extension are key aspects of good packaging design.